Lely Hibiscus

Efficient raking has an effect on your wallet!

Proper and efficient raking does not only mean that the mown crop ends up in the swath clean and tidy – it is also a preparation for the next harvesting process. So, raking has a great effect on the speed at which the harvesting machines can pick up the swath and that is something you notice in your wallet at the end of the day! All in all – a double effect!

ImageLely Rotonde 510

The Lely Rotonde 510 is a hydraulically adjustable windrower specifically designed for silage, hay and straw. The machine consists of two large diameter rake wheels each fitted with 16 fully floating spring steel tines. This unique rowing action gently moves and inverts the grass into a light, airy, even windrow centrally behind the tractor.


ImageLely Hibiscus S

The new serie of single rakes consists of three mounted models and a large trailed model. The Hibiscus 485 – with a rotor diameter of 3.80 m – is the largest single rotor rake on the market! The rakes are of a very rugged construction, with the Head-Lock system as an example of innovative thinking.


ImageLely Hibiscus SD

Two models with double rotors and side delivery with the same working width. The model 765 SD Vario, however, has the possibility to vary the working width and produce two swaths in one pass.


ImageLely Hibiscus CD

Farmers and contractors can now opt for high-grade and reliable machines ensuring highly effective raking as well as perfect swaths. The extensive range of central delivery rakes covers working widths ranging from 6.85 m to 9.00 m. These rakes have a comprehensive specification and stand out due to their compact and rugged construction.


ImageLely Hibiscus CD Profi

The two highest specified and widest rakes with central delivery have different set ups. The 1015 CD Profi has extremely large rotors, while the 1515 CD Profi model has four rotors. These rakes are ideally suited for contractors and large farms where large swaths are required.

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