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With SmartYield™, real-time monitoring of grain yields and moisture gives you accurate, immediate information. Use SmartYield with Envizio Pro™, Envizio Pro II® field computer or Cruizer II™ guidance system for real-time monitoring, data recording and yield calculations in the cab while you harvest.

SmartYield allows you to overlay planting data on the fly, so you can see which variety/population you're harvesting. And when used with Slingshot®, SmartYield performs real-time data transfer.


• Real-time display of bushels per acre - both wet and dry, along with moisture
• User configurable legends
• Non-contact optical sensor with hillside compensation ensures more accurate yield data, simpler calibration and faster start-up
• Pre-set combine calibration numbers
• AccuHeader™ automatically shuts off header sections over already harvested areas for proper yeild calcuations

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