RAVEN - OmniSeed


Here's the most advancd air seeding control system on the market. OmniSeed™ is a fully integrated system offering you complete control and increased productivity.

One of OmniSeed's many time-saving features is a remote tank console which streamlines the air cart meter calibration process. Instead of running back and forth to the tractor cab, you can simply start and stop the meters remotely at the cart and enter calibration rates through the console.


• Advanced hydraulic motor-clutch for each bin to assure greater precision with simple single-section shutoff
• Integrated Run Blockage powered by AgTron™ to monitor run blockage with ease and simplicity
• AgTron
• Ultrasonic bin level sensors for more precise bin level indication
• Open lid indicator
• Remote tank calibration console
• Control multiple granular and liquid products simultaneously
• After-market install kits available
• Down pressure monitoring keeps you informed of changing soil conditions
• Data logging and record-keeping help make management easier
• AccuBoom™ section control for liquid applications

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