Lely Attis

Fast pick-up and gentle discharge of bales

Lely Attis round bale wrappers are fitted with different systems to pick up and lower bales. Yet they have two things in common. They place the bale on the wrapping table effortlessly, without impairing the shape of the bale and the bale is always lowered gently to the ground avoiding film damage. Both the Attis PT and PS 160 models allow simultaneous transport of bales on the wrapping table and on the loading arm.

ImageLely Attis PT

The Lely Attis PT models are trailed round bale wrappers with a turntable. The loading arm places the bale on the turntable and the bale guides keep it firmly in position. Thus, the wrapping process can continue when on the move. Due to the exceptionally low bale discharge, film damage is avoided.


ImageLely Attis PS 160

This trailed round bale wrapper is outstandingly versatile as bale diameters may vary between 100 and 160 cm. High output and ease of use are key features of this wrapper. Due to the unique design of the hydraulically controlled draw bar, the wrapper can follow the tractor in both the inline and offset positions. It can also transport a second bale.

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