Lely Welger

Secure synchronised chainless drive

In order to guarantee the accurate timing of all components over the entire lifetime of a baler, the packers and knotters are driven entirely via torsionally rigid shafts and gears. From the main hypoid gearbox, the drive is transmitted via a drive shaft and angular gear to the packer, knotter and needle drive. No chains or belts are used; even the pick-up is driven with a shaft. This increases reliability as well as minimising the amount of maintenance work required. Complex work with tensioning and lubricating chains / belts is a thing of the past.

ImageLely Welger AP

Our experiences, gained in over one hundred years of business and knowledge of the most modern production technologies, are used for every single one of our balers. Tried and tested technology, stable constructions and professional processing lead to machines which cannot be beaten in terms of reliability and value for money.


ImageWelger RP 415

New generation variable non chopper round balers with a very basic configuration. With bale diameters from 0.90 ‑ 1.60 m these balers meet the high demands of today’s users on bale density and capacity.


ImageWelger RP 445

The most advanced variable round baler in the market place with bale diameters varying from 0.90 ‑ 1.60 m and the best tensioning system, crop intake and chopping systems. These balers ensure high throughput and a constant density throughout the whole bale. Configure these balers from very basic to the Master model which offers maximum comfort and flexibility.



Lely Welger RP 535 / 545

This series of balers will let you make round bales from 1.10 m to 2 m – the largest in the world. The Constant Pressure System ensures consistent density and the different intake systems are renowned for their large capacity.


ImageWelger DA

Even the basic version of the Lely Welger combination unit displays the superb characteristics of a highly reliable harvesting machine. The rigidly constructed chassis with its 10 “Power grip” longitudinal rib rollers, the mechanical tailgate locking device, the quick and easy to load net wrap ELS (Easy Load System) and the particularly simple E-Link Wrapper Control are already integrated into this machine as standard equipment.


ImageLely Welger RPC 445 Tornado

With the Lely Welger RPC 445 Tornado Lely now launches the first fully variable baler/ wrapper combination of the market place. In addition to a variable baling chamber, the automatic wrapping system is variable as well. The time the Tornado takes to wrap a bale is so short that the output of the variable round baler can be utilized to its full potential.


ImageLely Welger D

Lely Welger big balers are made for the highest agricultural demands. They achieve aboveaverage performances via a very high stroke rate. This saves on power and reduces the diesel consumption. Shafts instead of chains form the basis for optimum drive, and the easy operation using the E-Link system guarantees a well-developed baler management. Bale length can be set to suit requirements – ideal for handling and transport.


ImageLely Welger RP 202

This is an ideal machine for medium sized operations. It is characterised by its simple operation and low horse power requirements, but feature many similarities to the Lely Welger RP 245. This is the ideal machine for all those who do not want to chop their crops. This model is available with either a 1.50 m wide pick-up (‘Classic’ model) or a 2 m wide pick-up (‘Special’ model).


ImageLely Welger RP 245

This new and comprehensive range of 1.25 m diameter fixed chamber balers offers a number of options from a standard chopper baler up to the Lely Welger Profi model for large scale silage operations and contractor use. There is a choice of three chopping units from13 to 25 knives and the machine can be fitted with twine tying or net tying. The RP 245 Profi model is the baler with the highest specification in today’s market place.

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