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ImageLely Tigo S

The Tigo S is a compact loader wagon series with a controlled feed unit, Lely provides the correct model for any operation with 3 (classic models) or 5 swing arms. The high performance chopping unit can be fitted with up to 33 knives, which are easy to replace. The low loader models with low centres of gravity and wide tracks appeal to users due to their safe operation on slopes and their low empty weight.


ImageLely Tigo S Profi

The new Tigo S Profi series has been developed especially for the modern, high performance agricultural business. The camless pendulum pick-up with five rows of tines ensures clean pick-up of crops. The feed unit is powered by a heavy duty gear drive and has five stable feed forks to transfer the crop smoothly and extremely gently into the wagon. The Tigo S Profi series is available in four wagon types from 40 to 70 m³ and two discharge wagon models.


Image 1Lely Tigo R

The Tigo R models are loader wagons for medium to large agricultural businesses, which produce their own silage. They are robust and provide increased capacity. These wagons are fitted with a 31 knife 800 mm chopping rotor and a 5 tine bar non-steered pick-up. The configuration of these wagons is simple but it boasts high capacity and ease of operation.


ImageLely Tigo R Profi

The Tigo R Profi models are used by agricultural contracting companies. The unique non-steered pick-up features 7 tine bars; the high performance rotor is 800 mm in diameter and has 7 spiral-shaped tines on each bar. 40 chopping knives cut crops to 37 mm. These loader wagons boast substantial capacity, and the automatic loading system ensures that they will be filled to their maximum.


ImageLely Tigo R Combi

The R Combi models, in addition to their use as loader wagons, make excellent silage transport wagons too. This machine can be quickly and easily converted from a loader wagon into a silage transport wagon. The heavy-duty chassis, combined with the sturdy superstructure, make these wagons capable of withstanding the loads imposed by heavy silage.


ImageLely Tigo T

The use of modern and powerful transport vehicles is extremely important for harvesting efficiency. An important link in the chain is having the correct vehicle for transporting chopped material. With their new Tigo T series, Lely presents a top class silage transport wagon which impresses with its enormous effective load capacity and its ease of operation.


ImageLely Tigo XR

The Tigo XR series is a completely new and unique concept developed by Lely, which can be used both as a loader wagon and as a silage transport wagon. The wagons innovative superstructure with its integrated hydraulically adjustable multi-function bulkhead allows additional loading of the space above the feed unit. This means increased load volume but a shorter wagon. The entire load unit has been designed for the most demanding of situations. The Tigo XR series from Lely sets new standards for combi wagons.

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