Slurry mixer. Total length: 7 metres. Weight: 450 kg.


Robuste dreieckige Struktur

Strong triangular structure

The Jumbomixer is built on a very robust, fully galvanized triangular basis. It prevents the transmission shaft from bending, and ensures the stability of the machine.
DruckpropellerPropelling screw

The blades in stainless steel stir a large amount of slurry. The screw is fitted with a counter blade enabling to chop all residues.
Antriebsachse in 5 PunktenTransmission shaft in 5 points

The transmission is carried out by a shaft (supported by 5 points: bearings, bronze bearing housings, bronze bushings, etc) that is completely submerged in oil bath. This bath avoids problems of premature wear and overheating.
WartungsleichtEasy maintenance

The bearings of the screw are integrated in a one-piece kit which is very easy to replace. It makes it useless to replace the whole transmission shaft.

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