Hippodrome System

Hippodrome System: RKD's Circular and Lateral Irrigation System


RKD Standard:
RKD Hippodrome Systems have been designed to irrigate square, rectangular and trapezoid-shape plots, making the turn possible by pivoting in one or several points, and they irrigate when necessary, without needing anchoring at the central cart. The pivot structure is assembled on the 4-wheel cart, and a hose feeds with water to the up-going pipe and the elbow, both made of galvanized-steel of 8 5/8" (219mm) diameter. It contains a 13-wires external collector ring with an access ladder.
RKD Multidirectional:
RKD Hippodrome Multidirectional allows irrigation also over "L" and "U"-shape plots, as the cart wheels can be rotated in order to permit the self-propelled movement in different directions.

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