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Raven has propelled precision ag to an entirely new level with this innovative product. Slingshot® combines wireless connectivity with robust online tools and top-self precision ag hardware to upgrade your level of control and efficiency.

Slingshot delivers unrivaled connectivity through mobile networks for access to a groundbreaking system of RTK correction signals, online services, sophisticated data management capabilities, precision ag equipment—and instant in-field support and service.

Repeatable RTK sub-inch accuracy with no line-of-sight limitations. Trees, structures, hills and other obstructions instantly become irrelevant for uninterrupted operation. You can even track and communicate with other equipment while you work.

Slingshot ignites the full potential of your other precision ag tools—from automatic boom and application controls to multi-function field computers, planter controls and assisted steering. Its unique combination of breakthrough technologies gives you more power and precision with every pass.


• Repeatable accuracy over 30 miles or more with a single correction source
• Over 2 million acres covered with a single correction source
• Zero line-of-sight signal limitation
• Real time high-speed Internet access in the field
• CORS network compatibility
• The ability to instantly manage vehicles, field computers and data from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection
• The ability to remotely manage user profiles and settings without ever getting in the cab
• Live, remote Slingshot tech support without ever leaving the cab


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